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Are you looking for a way to get a merchant cash advance? Corporate Bucks is aware of the monetary struggles small to mid-sized businesses face on a routine basis. Even large businesses experience tough financial times. There isn’t always enough working capital to pay off miscellaneous bills, repairs, or emergency supplies and inventory while you wait on profits. Periods of scarcity can potentially topple small, family-owned businesses that typically get turned down for small business loans. Oftentimes, loan application requirements such as excellent credit, a generous down payment, and the ability to pay large monthly sums at a fixed rate of interest cannot be met.


Millions of small businesses today remain in business because they sought the benefits of a merchant cash advance. For small businesses to thrive, a sum of disposable funds must be available to cover unexpected expenses. Cash advances provide budgets with more breathing room, as they do not discriminate between expenses. These cash advances work wonders for many types of business across all industries. Applying for a merchant cash advance for small business is worry-free as the approval rating is much higher than that of a bank loan. An approval notice is delivered in as few as 24 hours and you can pocket the cash within 48 hours after approval.


Ratings are high because they are not based on a credit score but rather, on predictions of future sales of the business. Depending on your business current payment-processing model our cash advance programs can provide the working capital your looking forcredit card sales. Cash advance service providers take your business’s performance into consideration when deciding whether or not you are a good fit for a cash advance.


A merchant cash advance, or MCA, is useful for a variety of applications so long as it benefits the nature of your business. There are no restrictions to how you can use the cash you receive. This flexibility makes it easy to pay bills, payroll taxes, emergency supplies and even renovations and inventory. Anything you need to keep your business running freely is payable with this capital. The funds are gradually paid back in an ever-changing manner that matches the flow of business. For example, when business is booming, more of the advance is paid off. When business is slow, payments are diminished. They are never fixed! Browse through our website for more information on how your business can benefit from a merchant cash advance.

Our Clients Speak

  • I had bad credit due to a recent divorce and needed funding for my business. I got approved in 2 days and had the money in my account in 8 days. I was able to meet my payroll needs while I went through this rough patch in my life. Thank you Corporate Bucks.

  • I am so glad I met Stephanie and Corporate Bucks, from our first conversation I knew I was working with a company that was focused on helping my business. They explained their merchant cash advance program and got me the working capital to purchase new state of the art equipment for veterinary practice. The personal attention they give to their clients is simply amazing! Providing exceptional customer service through out funding and repayment process. Thank you Corporate Bucks!”

  • I needed a Merchant Cash advance for a major investment I needed to make to buy out one of my equity partners and in just 9 days I had the money in my account. The communication was fast and the follow up support was great. I recommend Corporate Bucks to anyone looking for business advances.

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A Few Benefits of Corporate Bucks Revenue-Based Financing Programs:
  • Same-Day Approval
  • 48-Hour Funding
  • No Application Fee
  • Easy Payback
  • Renew when 50% paid back!

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