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About Us

Corporate Bucks is focused on helping business owners with solutions that allow them to grow and offer financial support in times of need. Our alternative business financing programs range from ACH Funding Program to a merchant cash advance. We have the ability to offer businesses immediate working capital to business owners for their business needs.

Do you need cash to support business growth, positive cash flow, purchasing inventory or hiring staff?

We know banks are not lending cash easily in today’s market. Many businesses that are growing quickly have difficulty getting loans from their banks. You now have access to alternative funding through your credit card processing account or average gross monthly bank deposits. How much of your sales are Visa/MasterCard Sales? This is your new cash source for your business. Corporate Bucks offers alternative funding solutions for most business types and models. We can get you approved and funded in as fast as 48 hours.

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A Few Benefits of Corporate Bucks Revenue-Based Financing Programs:
  • Same-Day Approval
  • 48-Hour Funding
  • No Application Fee
  • Easy Payback
  • Renew when 50% paid back!
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