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ACH Funding Program

In addition to merchant cash advances, Corporate Bucks offers the ACH Funding Program. Businesses with low merchant processing volumes but high gross bank deposits gain access to extra capital, more so than with a merchant cash advance.

Corporate Bucks understands that a merchant cash advance may not be a suitable option for your business needs; the ACH Funding Program may be more appropriate.

A business cash advance funder offers this ideal alternative to businesses that do not have an outstanding bankruptcy or no assets to put up as collateral. The main difference between a loan and an advance is simple: with a loan, a business owner is incurring debt. With a cash advance, a business sells its future credit card receivables or future bank deposits to the funder. There are no set monthly payments to make with a merchant cash advance, which is why more of it is paid off during some months than others. With merchant cash advance loans, fixed daily ACH payments work to reduce debt.

Merchant cash advance funders advance unsecured payments to businesses with high volumes of credit sales; however, not every business owner enjoys the flexibility that comes with a merchant cash advance. Some owners prefer the expectation of paying a specific amount every month regardless of the flow of business. Many businesses do not even process credit cards due to the product or service they provide or the industry they are in. The small business ACH Funding Program from Corporate Bucks is easy to repay—we debit small payments directly out of your bank account on a daily basis. This is a perfect option for businesses that do not accept plastic and want a more structured repayment method.

To receive between $5,000 and $1,000,000 to fund necessary growth, inventory, repairs, and more, don’t hesitate to complete a quick online application! The process incurs a fraction of the stress and hassles of a bank loan application and approval ratings are through the roof. When you provide your full personal guarantee and proper UCC documentation in addition to proof of success, your funds will arrive in just 7 days!

To find out more about how an ACH Funding Program can benefit your business, contact Corporate Bucks today or apply now for a FREE quote!

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A Few Benefits of Corporate Bucks Revenue-Based Financing Programs:
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