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How It Works

Small to medium-sized businesses are picking up speed in today’s economy and need short-term financial assistance to keep moving. They need alternative funding sources to finance payroll, inventory, renovations, marketing, and more. Newer businesses require funding more urgently and are less qualified for bank loans. Thanks to Revenue-Based Financing Programs, like a Merchant Cash Advance or ACH Funding Program, from Corporate Bucks, scrambling small to medium-sized businesses can continue to prosper.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

Merchant cash advances are alternative sources of funding that provide businesses with unsecured working capital to be utilized at their discretion. They are not loans. A small business merchant cash advance can leverage assets that a business owner may have overlooked, such as factoring future credit and debit card receivables. Merchant cash advance funds are deducted directly from the business’s daily credit card batch settlements. Approval is based upon the amount of transactions processed monthly rather than a static credit score, even though a credit check is required, it does not decline an applicant for a low personal credit score. Your  business can be approved for such an advance in less than 24 hours and receive funds within a week.

Why request a Merchant Cash Advance?

Merchant cash advances are more digestible financial solutions than bank loans and take less time to process. Traditional loans require the completion of time-consuming, headache-inducing paperwork and providing 2-years audited financial statements and tax returns. They must be repaid in fixed increments with interest and require a substantial down payment. These requirements are unrealistic for most small business owners. These days, even strong businesses that have been open for over 20 years are turned down because they experienced a few periods of losses in the past. Many times banks will even take your personal credit score into account when reviewing your application. At Corporate Bucks, we understand these are unfair conditions.

Merchant cash advances demand no up-front fees. There is no security interest, and no need to collateralize assets. Applying for a cash advance will not hinder your ability to apply for other kinds of funding. Most importantly, your freedom to use your business cash advance is unlimited. As long as the money is used in a way that benefits your business, it can be spent. Merchant cash advance rates are based on the funding amount and repayment terms option selected. We have packages from 3 – 24 months repayment terms. The repayment of the merchant cash advance is by deducting a small percentage of the merchant’s daily credit card batch settlements. During times when business is slow, less of the advance is repaid. When business is booming, the debt goes away faster.

What is an ACH Funding Program?

The ACH Funding Program is a funding alternative that is structured by purchasing future bank deposit receivables at a discount today in the form of an advance. This solution works well for businesses with low to no credit card processing volume. The amount of the advances range from $5,000 – $1,000,000 per location. It is repaid through daily ACH payments, Monday – Friday, in small increments. This type of unsecured cash advance demands no collateral. Approval is based on a business’s monthly gross bank deposits and requires only the past 3 months worth of bank statements. To be eligible, a business must be at least 6 months old and have average monthly bank deposits of $5,000.00.

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A Few Benefits of Corporate Bucks Revenue-Based Financing Programs:
  • Same-Day Approval
  • 48-Hour Funding
  • No Application Fee
  • Easy Payback
  • Renew when 50% paid back!
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