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Revenue-Based Financing

In layman’s terms, the financial meaning of “factoring” refers to the selling of a business’s rights to future payments in exchange for cash. A company uses its receivables, or the money owed to it by its customers, as collateral. The cash issued to the company equals the exact or reduced value of the total of the receivables pledged. Typically, the amount received is 70-85% of the sum of the receivables, and the rest is held in reserve until the company makes a first payment to the lending authority, or “factor.” The services issued by an accounts receivable factoring company may be just the option companies with receivables need to maintain the flow of business. Millions of companies that do not receive immediate payments from their customers or receive them in installments are being kept afloat through revenue-based financing programs.

This source of working capital brings cash flow to a business that must wait between 30 and 90 days to receive a payment from each customer. Financing daily operations like renewing inventory, paying for labor and/ or materials and emergency repairs cannot wait on these payments. Corporate Bucks offers working capital that may suit your business if it is feeling strapped for cash. These business cash advances are approved based on performance rather than credit. As sales increase, the amount of money that the company can borrow increases. Working capital factoring provides businesses with an unlimited source of capital. The amount borrowed does not add liability to a business and can aid a business’s credit score if the money is used to pay bills ahead of the due date.

For businesses in the retail and service industries with significant credit card sales, Corporate Bucks offers credit card factoring or business cash advances. With proof of consistent sales, your business can attain a cash advance in exchange for a share of future credit card receipts plus a premium. Payments vary with the performance of the business and are never fixed. Average advances range between twenty and fifty thousand dollars. This sum can be life saving for start-up companies in their infancy facing unexpected obstacles and companies with poor credit scores or no collateral.

For more information on how you can receive working capital financing for your business, contact Corporate Bucks or apply for a FREE quote today!

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A Few Benefits of Corporate Bucks Revenue-Based Financing Programs:
  • Same-Day Approval
  • 48-Hour Funding
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